Tuban, Bali, 11 April 2018

Dear Valued Members,

Summer is just around the corner, it is the time again to book a well-deserved some time off your busy daily schedule. Simply contact us and share with us your holiday plans, we shall assist you with booking your accommodations at our resorts the best we possibly can.

On the subject of booking your holidays, we can assure you that you can always use your entitlements to book your accommodations at our resorts, however, you must ensure that your account is up-to-date; no outstanding invoice, let alone long overdue.

That is also one of the reasons we are writing this letter to you today, which is to remind you of the invoice of your 2018 Subscription/Maintenance Fee. The initial invoice was sent out to you in December 2017 with due for settlement, 1 January 2018. We have since also sent several reminders, unfortunately, to-date, our record shows that we have yet to received your payment.

You may want to check on your inbox in event that you have missed these reminders or perhaps your spam/junk mail box in case those messages were somehow filtered as spam. If for some reason you did not receive them, we wish to reiterate the situation that is, due to the delay in payment, your membership is now suspended and penalty of 10% + additional 2% per month delay are applicable. We have actually offered to you some flexibility to settle the account before unfortunately did not receive the your response within the time frame given hence these penalties are now enforced. In this case, we require payment no later than 21 April 2018 to avoid further penalty, which can seriously jeopardize your membership. This may also jeopardize your standing credit record as payment of the above is a contractual obligation hence delays and/or non payment can be perceived as credit negligence on your part.

Now, to encourage you and family to have more holidays at your club resorts, because as we all know, you don’t use, you won’t benefit, we hereby would like to extend you a special offer, and that is, upon payment, not only will you be allocated your 2018 points but you can also obtain back your unused points which technically have already expired, for as far back as 2014, at no cost (it usually costs USD100 – USD150 per year for reinstatement). This will enable you and family to have a longer holiday time, or multiple units, or even rent out those accommodations to friends and colleagues for a bit of extra cash; the choice is yours! But of course we would prefer if you would utilize those points yourself and experience again what the membership has to offer. For your easy reference, these are the club properties in Bali and our partner resorts elsewhere that you can choose from to use your points:

Please contact us by email at sf@ramaholidays.co or info@ramaholidays.co, Skype: Rama Holidays Bali, phone: +62-361-750150 or live chat us on our website: www.ramaholidays.co to check the amount payable and to settle your account no later than 21 April 2018.

If you have settled payment but somehow have not been recognized hence this e-mail, we would appreciate if you could contact us to advise.

We look forward to receiving your payment and assisting you with booking holidays for you & your family!

Yours sincerely,

Admin/Members Services Manager

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