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Founded by the Malay kingdoms, Malaysia is a country with one of the World’s most diverse cultures.,A virtual melting pot of religions and customs, traditional temples and churches exist side by side with mosques.

With the diversity in cultures comes diversity in cuisines. Malaysia is one of the World’s best places to enjoy the art of eating and drinking. Not only is the food unique, colorful and spicy but a multicultural fusion of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Arabic with a dash of Peranakan.

One of Malaysia’s key attractions is its extreme contrast from towering skyscrapers to wooden houses built on stilts while five star hotels and resorts sit right next to ancient reefs. Kuala Lumpur (or KL), the capital of Malaysia, is the home of one of the most photographed towers in the World – the Petronas Twin Tower. KL is also a place to shop, dine and drink. Jalan Alor is where you will find the best hawkers food in Asia. If you are looking for a bit of forest experience, the island of Langkawi is surrounded by hills. When here, it is a must to try the Skybridge – a suspended bridge built on top of Macchinchang mountain.

Penang on the other hand is a fusion between old and new world, a modern town yet surrounded by old world charm. Some of Malaysia’s best beaches are in the northern part of the province. A delightful spot for a relaxing getaway, Lumut is the perfect place. This little fishing village offers tranquility yet plenty of attractions and activities. There are of course more places to see, but Malaysia (truly Asia) is indeed one of Asia’s finest destinations!

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